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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Identified compound blocks the spread of pancreatic and other cancers in various animal models.

Study also links women’s use of non-SSRI antidepressants to early pregnancy loss.

NIH-funded trial finds lower rate of secondary stroke but small risk of bleeding.

Prion diseases are slow degenerative brain diseases that occur in people and various other mammals.

HIV remains a burden to individuals and communities in the United States and abroad.

A chip to monitor mouse movements and new rules for identifying natural compounds for research take second and third place.

NIH-sponsored trial to test two human monoclonal antibodies.

NIH-funded study suggests need for more research into contributing factors; targeted interventions for children.

Chikungunya is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.

Gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnancy and results when the level of blood sugar is too high.