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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH-funded analysis finds patients treated with semaglutide had 49% to 73% lower risk of suicidal ideation than those given other medications.

NIH-supported analysis finds just seven states had a facility that accepted Medicaid, had a bed open the same day, and offered buprenorphine.

NIH-funded research could change how we think about the causes of disorders like Parkinson’s.

NIH-supported findings suggest the need to expand definitions of addiction treatment success beyond abstinence.

Resource informs research on communication between maternal and fetal cells.

Reductions correlated with long-term cardiovascular health improvements in NIH-funded study.

Findings support the HIV fusion peptide as a promising preventive vaccine target.

NIH researchers found widespread differences in the brains of children with anxiety disorders that improved after treatment.

C. burnetti naturally infects livestock, including goats, sheep and cattle.

NIH study finds distinct immune responses occur quickly when diets change, more research needed to determine health effects.