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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The numbers will more than double to 15 million by 2060.

Effort streamlines study infrastructure to improve recruitment diversity, advance research.

Combination allows more than 80 percent of children to safely consume at least two foods to which they were allergic.

NIH’s 2017 Monitoring the Future survey shows both vaping and marijuana are more popular than traditional cigarettes or pain reliever misuse.

NIH-supported study could lead to better approaches for treating insomnia, other sleep disorders.

Researchers find target to protect hearing during chemotherapy treatment.

Using fruit flies, NIH researchers provide molecular basis for theory of aging.

The virus has become established in more than 80 countries, infected millions of people, and left many babies with birth defects.

Stem cell-derived retinal cells need primary cilia to support survival of light-sensing photoreceptors.